Auto Shutdown Genius

Auto Shutdown Genius

Enables you to set a system action on a specified time by you

Auto Shutdown Genius is a very simple system automation tool. The program enables you to set an action or more on a specified time by you. The actions are system based and can power off, restart, log off or lock your system. Also hibernate, standby, turn off monitor or display the screensaver actions are available. The tasks can be set to run once, daily, weekly or monthly at a specified time. In addition, it provides two more tasks. Idle task where you can set an action to perform if the system is idle more than an specified amount of time. The 'CPU usage' is the second extra task where you can set an action if the usage of the CPU is higher than the value set by you. You can always set a future start date of your tasks.
The tasks can set to pop-up a notification dialog box to prevent you about the action that will be performed with a delay time that can be changed. Also a sound can be added to the notification as an alarm.
Before the shutdown and restart actions you can set the program to clear the history of the recent documents used, temporary files and the recycle bin of the Windows. Also it can set to clear the Internet Explorer's history, cache and cookies.
Moreover the program is provided with a monitoring tool that enables you to view and monitor your CPU usage.

An useful automation tool which you can add multiple tasks and a cleaning feature that allows to delete your Windows and Internet Explorer's temporary files before shutdown.

Dennis Niels
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  • The program can start without any user to be logged in
  • Add multiple tasks


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